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Average Cap Size Wigs

Our wigs with average size caps are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a comfortable and secure fit ... Made with high-quality synthetic or human hair, these wigs come in a range of styles, lengths, and colors to suit any preference or occasion. Whether you're looking to add volume, length, or just a touch of glam to your everyday look, our wigs with average size caps are sure to meet your needs. With their natural-looking appearance and easy-to-wear design, you'll love the convenience and versatility of our average size cap wigs.

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  1. Azzurra Mono
    Add some carefree, beachy vibes to your look with Azzura Mono, a long tousled bob with a lace front that's made for fun in the sun. Colour shown: Sand rooted
    As low as £288.00 £240.00
  2. Albee
    Introducing the Albee Wig: A timeless and elegant choice for those who appreciate sophistication and simplicity. The Albee Wig combines classic charm with modern flair, making it a versatile style for any occasion. Colour shown is Nutmeg-F.
    As low as £351.00 £292.50
  3. Amal
    With its carefree curls and soft fringe, the Amal wig brings romantic charm to your look. A gorgeous medium-length wig, perfect for adding body and bounce to your life. Colour shown is Creamy Toffee-R.
    As low as £165.00 £137.50
  4. Amer
    Amer is for the bold, modern woman who wants a cut that's anything but boring. This style perfect way to pump up your style without going overbaord. The short back with a flicked nape give a new morder look. Colour Shown: Safraned Red
    As low as £213.00 £177.50
  5. Amor Mono
    Add instant chic style to your look with the Amor mono tousled bob. This trendy lace front wig is your shortcut to jaw-dropping beauty. Effortless and polished this wig makes it easy to turn heads whereever you go. Colour Shown: Hotmocca Rooted
    As low as £248.00 £206.67
  6. Angela
    A captivating and flirtatious choice for those who want to embrace effortless allure. The Angela Wig features luxurious long layers that cascade gracefully, accompanied by a wispy fringe that adds a touch of mystery. Colour shown is Champagne-R.
    As low as £384.00 £320.00
  7. Armonia Mono
    With its flirty, face-framing waves and easy care, the Armonia Mono is perfect for ladies wanting to reinvent their look with a stylish, low-maintenance bob. Upgrade your style and turn heads with this fashion-forward bob. Shown colour: Berstein Mix
    As low as £403.00 £335.83
  8. Aster
    With its versatile styling options, the Aster bob makes it easy to achieve a flawless, fashion-forward look. Aster pairs chic, face-framing layers with a medium length that's perfect for creating airy texture Colour shown: Light Oak Melange Rooted
    As low as £339.00 £282.50
  9. Avery
    Avery's romantic curls and layers add movement, volume, and allure to your style. The shoulder-skimming length is versatile enough for both day and night, while the tousled waves frame your features in a natural. Colour shown Honey Wheat R
    As low as £183.00 £152.50
  10. Bia New
    A classic short swinging 60s bob style with a wispy fringe
    As low as £249.00 £207.50
  11. Brittany
    Introducing Brittany, the soft, curly, and long layered style that will have you looking on-trend and feeling beautiful. Colour shown in main image is custom colour Mochaccino-R.
    As low as £288.00 £240.00
  12. Cala
    Tired of the same old hairstyle? Go for the bold, beautiful pixie the Cala. The cropped length is flattering and fresh, perfect for gals who want a low-maintenance look that's anything but boring. Colour shown: Aubergine mix
    As low as £210.00 £175.00
  13. Cameron
    Show off your adventurous side with Cameron's medium length, angled shape that's full of flirty, carefree vibes. The feathered bangs and loose waves effortlessly frame your face. Colour shown is Coconut Spice.
    As low as £123.00 £102.50
  14. Cento Mono
    Dare to be different with Cento mono, the head-turning short style that makes a statement. The cropped length is easy to style and looks great on the go. Show off your edgy side with Cento mono! Colour shown: Auburn Mix
    As low as £378.00 £315.00
  15. Cirella Mono
    Tired of spending hours styling your hair? The Cirella mono is here to refresh your look without the fuss. This chic new chin-length bob makes a statement with minimal effort. Colour shown: Lightberntein Rooted
    As low as £288.00 £240.00
  16. Coco
    With its chic, chin-length cut and flirty flicked detailing, Coco gives you a contemporary look that's fun, flattering, and carefree. Colour shown is Auburn Sugar.
    As low as £117.00 £97.50
  17. Codi XO
    Angled bob with a side swept fringe. Our famous Codi style with an XO cap construction which features the addition of a soft fabric covering in the nape and silicone ear and nape tabs for ultimate comfort. Colour shown is Dark Chocolate.
    As low as £319.00 £265.83
  18. Corsica
    Short textured style with naturally tapered nape
    As low as £206.00 £171.67
  19. Corsica Mono
    Show off your adventurous side with the Corsica mono. It's perfect for gals looking to make a stylish statement. Its bold, edgy vibe amps up your look and adds interest to your features. Say goodbye to boring hair days! Colour shown: Expresso Mix
    As low as £396.00 £330.00
  20. Cory
    The Cory bob was made for women looking to embrace their natural beauty. The soft fringe and classic cut highlight your best features, giving you a look you can feel confident and beautiful in every day. Colour shown: Sandy Silver
    As low as £165.00 £137.50
  21. Dahlia
    Reinvent your look with the scene-stealing Dahlia short textured cut. With its chic, face-flattering shape, the Dahlia cut makes a bold fashion statement. Get ready to steal the spotlight! Colour shown: Sandalwood Melange
    As low as £275.00 £229.17
  22. Dixie
    Ultra light, short, semi-straight cut style with a smoothly tapered nape. Colour shown is 39.
    As low as £249.00 £207.50
  23. Erika
    A cute and sleek medium-length bob style with a feathered fringe for a natural feel. Colour shown in main image is Strawberry Swirl.
    As low as £261.00 £217.50
  24. Erin
    A gorgeous, classic and elegant graduated bob with a full fringe. Colour shown in main image is Dark Chocolate.
    As low as £261.00 £217.50
  25. Feliz Mono
    Transition seamlessly from work to weekend with the Feliz mono. The short tapered leg and sleek silhouette create a leg lengthening shape that pairs perfectly with heels for a night out or flats for a casual daytime look. Colour shown: Darksand Root
    As low as £387.00 £322.50
  26. Onyx
    Part of the exclusive European Human Hair Platinum Collection, Onyx combines quality hair with handcrafted quality and the freedom to personalise. This item comes unstyled so that you can style it to your preference. Colour shown is Hydra Blonde.
    As low as £1,950.00 £1,625.00
  27. Opal
    Part of the exclusive European Human Hair Platinum Collection, Opal combines quality hair with handcrafted quality and the freedom to personalise. This item comes unstyled so that you can style it to your preference. Colour shown is Phoenix Brown.
    As low as £1,850.00 £1,541.67
  28. Hazel
    A feminine, flattering cut made for the modern woman, Hazel skims the collarbone with feathered layers that elegantly frame your face. This flattering feminine cut is perfect for bringing out your natural beauty. Colour shown: Lotus Midnight
    As low as £288.00 £240.00
  29. Ivy
    Short, stylish piece with a round fringe and plenty of volume. Colour shown in main image is Mochaccino-R.
    As low as £129.00 £107.50
  30. Joey
    Perfect for accentuating your best features, Joey frames the face beautifully while adding plenty of volume on top. The textured ends give this short curly look a sophisticated and classy feel. Colour shown is Frosti Blonde.
    As low as £99.00 £82.50
  31. Joli
    A modern bob with perfect layers, texture and volume
    As low as £273.00 £227.50
  32. Julie
    A delightful and voluminous mid-length style that exudes playful elegance. The Julie wig features captivating spiral curls, making it a perfect choice for those who want to embrace a bouncy and chic look. Colour shown is Melted Marshmallow.
    As low as £294.00 £245.00
  33. Kenzie
    A shoulder length inviting layered style with textured layers at the back and a side swept fringe. Colour shown in main image is Sugar Cane-R.
    As low as £273.00 £227.50
  34. Kimera Deluxe
    Unleash your inner trendsetter with the new Kimera deluxe, a lively mid-length look with feathered layers for show-stopping texture. Colour shown: Nougat Rooted
    As low as £510.00 £425.00
  35. Lavish Wavez
    Let your inner mermaid shine with Lavish Wavez, the long and luscious wavy style that oozes beach goddess vibes, with innovative heat-friendly fibres for versatility of styling and a natural feel. Colour shown in main image is Lunar Haze.
    As low as £272.00 £226.67
  36. Lily
    Make a bold fashion statement. Flaunt your fun, feminine side with the Lily wig.With tapered cut and angled shape create a flattering look that brings out your best features. Colour shown: Iced Melange
    As low as £166.00 £138.33
  37. Lizzy
    With its razored layers and textured ends, Lizzy creates a trendy chopped look that flatters a variety of face shapes. Colour shown is Burgundy Rosa.
    As low as £105.00 £87.50
  38. Lucca Deluxe
    Upgrade your wardrobe and enhance your natural beauty with the Lucca Deluxe. Busy women will love how easy it is to maintain this classy, low-maintenance look. Colour shown: Darkchocolate mix
    As low as £435.00 £362.50
  39. Lugano
    Tired of boring, flat hair? Lugano is your shortcut to flirty, carefree style. Lugano's short, wispy waves and flirty flicks inject seductive texture into fine, limp hair. Colour shown: Tobacco Mix
    As low as £231.00 £192.50
  40. Mariah
    Chin length bob with soft tousled curls
    As low as £147.00 £122.50
  41. Marina Comfort
    With its pre-styled waves and curls, the Marina comfort makes styling easy. Just slip it on and go, no need for hot tools or extra products. The textured layers and face-framing shape flatters all face shapes. Colour shown: Smoke Mix
    As low as £498.00 £415.00
  42. Mike
    Modern style with temple-to-temple lace front. The Mike is lightweight and easy to style. It can also be styled away from the face. The item comes unstyled so that you can style it to your preference.
    As low as £950.00 £791.67
  43. Ninfa
    Ninfa is perfect for the modern, busy woman looking for an effortless hairstyle. Ninfa works for all hair types and creates texture and movement without stiffness or stickiness. Colour shown: Champagne Rooted
    As low as £248.00 £206.67
  44. Nolay
    Nolay's textured layers deliver touchable, piecey texture that brings your strands to life. The voluminous flicks surrounding your face add softness while creating the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Colour shown: Champagne R
    As low as £231.00 £192.50
  45. Nori
    Say goodbye to boring, lifeless locks and hello to a breath of fresh air with Nori - the short style that takes your look from drab to fab. Colour shown in main image is Sugar Cane-R.
    As low as £165.00 £137.50
  46. Ruby (Human Hair)
    The Ruby comes with an initial wave and is an excellent choice for a shorter length style. This item comes unstyled so that you can style it to your preference. Colour shown is 613.
    As low as £1,185.00 £987.50
  47. Pam
    A classic, elegant short style with feathered layers and extra volume. Colour shown in main image is Marble Brown.
    As low as £126.00 £105.00
  48. Peony
    Tired of lackluster locks? Peony is your shortcut to standout style. The Peony cut is ideal for women looking for a stylish, low-fuss hairstyle. The chin-length length is flattering and easy to style. Colour shown: Walnut Melange
    As low as £166.00 £138.33
  49. Porto Mono
    A trendy pixie cut with a short cropped fringe.
    As low as £397.00 £330.83
  50. Rina
    With its short, graduated cut and feathered texture, Rina makes a statement without going overboard. The layers fall gracefully to flatter your features, and the fringe sweeps across your forehead for a flawless finish. Colour shown is Silverstone.
    As low as £102.00 £85.00
  51. Sakura Long
    Long, stunning and flowing layers. These are the components creating a warm welcoming gentle silhouette with maximum movement. Colour shown: 769
    As low as £288.00 £240.00
  52. Sally
    Short layered style with soft fringe and sleek tapered nape. Colour shown in main picture is Toasted Brown.
    As low as £135.00 £112.50

Items 1-52 of 299

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